Calculator Disclaimer

This is an insurance calculator to help give you an estimate of the amount of life, total and permanent disability and/or income protection insurance cover that may be appropriate for your personal circumstances at the present time. The calculator produces an estimate for illustrative and educational purposes only. It cannot accurately predict the actual level of insurance cover that may be appropriate for your needs. It does not take all your personal circumstances and needs into account and is solely based on the information entered into the calculator and the assumptions set out below.

The calculator is not intended to be financial advice. Any decisions in relation to your insurance cover should not be made in reliance on the results produced by the calculator. You should obtain financial advice from a financial adviser before making any decisions about your insurance cover.

All figures are gross of tax. No allowance is made for your tax circumstances or for any taxation and Medicare Levies on insurance benefits, either inside or outside superannuation.

Depending on your circumstance, some or all your benefit will be subject to tax. Please seek independent tax advice in relation to the taxation of insurance benefits. No allowance has been made for any social security benefits to which you may be or become entitled.

The estimated amounts do not constitute a quote or guarantee that the insurance cover will be made available to you. The calculator does not include any information about fees and costs associated with insurance cover.

This calculator has been provided to you by MLC Life Insurance and Maritime Super Pty Ltd. Their directors, officers, employees and associates make no representations in respect of, and, to the extent permitted by law, exclude all warranties in relation to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information and projections provided by the calculator, and, accept no liability whatsoever (including by way of negligence) for any loss or damage, however caused, as a result of any person relying, in whole or part, on any information or projections obtained by using the insurance needs calculator.

Any personal information collected by this calculator will be treated in accordance with Maritime Super Pty Ltd’s and MLC Life Insurance’s Privacy Collection Statement and Privacy Policies.